Movement workers

Movement worker and climbing activist Cécile Lecomte is committed against nuclear power and environmental destruction

Full-time activists are of key importance to the success of social movements. Throughout their years of active involvement, they accumulate experience and skills which are invaluable for political work. We call these people movement workers. They form the backbone of the protest movements during quiet times and help people to get involved when a political issue is intensifying and they therefore want to get active. Bewegungsstiftung is not the employer of the activists but facilitates their work by helping them to find sponsors who help them make their ends meet. The programme is limited to ten people. Currently there are nine movement workers in the programme. So there's one place left. When there is another place available again, we will announce it here. Deadline for applications is the first Tuesday in April and September each year.  Read more ►

Paula Tilly

Christopher Laumanns connects social and ecological issues. He stands up for climate justice and a "Good Life" for everybody, organises degrowth conferences and summer schools. Read more ►

Nadine Saeed

Nadine Saeed fights for the full clarification of the death of Oury Jalloh who burned in a prison cell of the police station in Dessau.  Read more ►

Dorothee Häußermann

Dorothee Häußermann is involved in the climate justice movement and the anti-coal-campaigns working for an immediate coal-phase out.  Read more ►

Christopher Laumanns

Christopher Laumanns connects social and ecological issues. He stands up for climate justice and a "Good Life" for everybody, organises degrowth conferences and summer schools. Read more ►

Rex Osa

Rex Osa stands up for the rights of refugees in Germany and all over the world. He supports migrants in their struggle for the right of residence and social rights and helps them in their work towards self-organization. Read more ►

Holger Isabelle Jänicke

His main area of political engagement is in organizing legal self-help for activists from the ecology and peace movement. Read more ►

Hagen Kopp

Hagen Kopp has been a movement worker of the »Bewegungsstiftung« since 2009. He is engaged in the non-racist movement and supports the daily struggle of migrants and refugees for theirs residence permits and social rights. Read more ►

Cécile Lecomte

Energetically and idealistically Cécile Lecomte (born in 1981) stands up for her political aims. Therefore, she is active in several political movements: being born in France, she actively participates in anti-nuclear protests, »sit ins« against GM (genetically modified) maize, blockades stopping Nazi parades, as well as the prevention of large scale construction projects by climbing trees (she is well known for the latter). Read more ►

Bruno Watara

If Bruno Watara is asked for his political goals, he responds very concisely: »I want the refugees in Germany to be treated like human-beings - with respect.« Read more ►

Movement workers are supported in their efforts as full-time activists by regular contributions from sponsors. As a sponsor, you can contribute to the work of a movement worker, from as little as EUR 10 a month. In return, the movement worker reports regularly to you on his or her activities, new events and successes. You also get a tax-deductible donation receipt at the beginning of each year.

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