Financial statements 2006

The simplified profit and loss account sets out the key figures for 2006. These are combined figures for all the organizations that come under the Bewegungsstiftung umbrella, rounded to the nearest thousand.

Foundation more successful than ever

Bewegungsstiftung’s income for 2006
Table of Bewegungsstiftung’s income for 2006

2006 was a highly successful year for the foundations: total income amounted to EUR 851,000, and the endowment capital grew faster than ever before. Bewegungsstiftung’s capital increased by EUR 440,000 to EUR 1,742,000 and that of the Bridge foundation by EUR 108,000 to EUR 450,000. The foundations gained 15 new endowment donors.

Donations are the second biggest income item, at EUR 188,000. This figure includes donations to the grant fund, sponsorship money for movement workers, and contributions intended to go towards building up the foundations.

As the endowment capital is growing steadily, earnings on the foundation’s assets are also increasing year on year: in 2006 they already accounted for more than ten per cent of total income. Other income includes, notably, participation contributions for our seminars and conferences.

Protecting reserves from depreciation

Bewegungsstiftung’s expenditure in 2006
Table of Bewegungsstiftung’s expenditure in 2006

The income of EUR 851,000 compares to expenditure of EUR 857,000. The relatively small deficit of EUR 6,000 should be offset by income for this year. Allocations to the endowment capital are by far the largest item on the expenditure side, at EUR 560,000; these comprise the endowments and a capital maintenance reserve which we have set up to reduce depreciation due to inflation.

EUR 89,000 went directly to social movements in the form of grants. A further EUR 37,000 went to the movement workers. The EUR 18,000 that we invested in consulting and assistance for our fundFed projects further increased the effectiveness of our grants. In all, 16.8 per cent of all spending goes directly towards supporting social change.

»Spending money costs money«

Breakdown of Bewegungsstiftung’s expenditure 2006
Chart of breakdown of Bewegungsstiftung’s expenditure 2006

says Marjan Sax, co-founder of the women’s foundation Mama Cash. This is all the more true if the grant funds and endowments are to be used safely and in accordance with strict political and ethical/sustainable criteria. We are very pleased that our spending on our offices and general administration only accounts for 10.5 per cent of expenditure. This figure includes spending on ethical investment, the work of all the committees, and grant administration. We also invested EUR 63,000 (7.35%) in professional press and PR work and organizing conferences and seminars in order to raise the profile of the foundation.

Financial statements 2006

If you would like a more detailed version, you can download the balance sheet and profit and loss account for Bewegungsstiftung, Förderverein (the development association) and Bridge foundation. Our cash auditors’ report is also available to download.

Förderverein Die Bewegungsstiftung (PDF, 31 KB)
Bewegungsstiftung (PDF, 30 KB)
Bridge foundation (PDF, 22 KB)
Auditors’ report (PDF, 1,1 MB)

The annual financial statements from previous years are available here...

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