"People need to know" - Interview with Sinta Tamsjadi

This year, Stiftung bridge celebrates its fifth birthday. You joined it as a founder in 2006. How did you get to know the foundation?

»I had inherited and I wanted to give away parts of my assets. Then I asked friends if they can recommend something but their suggestions didn't please me. However, when I read an article about Stiftung bridge in the magazine ,brand eins', I was immediately interested in their activities. I was on one of the meetings and later on, I met one of the first founders, Frank Hansen, for a cup of coffee. To me, also the people who are behind such a project are important; and they were to ones to convince me of Stiftung bridge.«

The Stiftung bridge supports social movements that fight for citizens' rights in the digital society. Why is that important to you?

»Because people urgently need to know about things. Many things are happening which we don't know of - it makes your hair stand on end. Recently, I was on the website of "FoeBuD" an organization which is supported bv the foundation and gives away the yearly Big-brother-Award for the worst data collector. When I read there that the German Employee Health Insurance sells personal data of uncurable patients to private companies, I was stunned. Normally you wouldn't know such things. Through my commitment in the foundation I also keep myself up-do-date and get for example a new ID before the ones with the integrated chip will be issued.«

If you could play the law maker for one day, what would you do to protect private data and freedom of opinion in the digital society?

»One day wouldn't be enough for that. I think I would try to lay the foundation for something, and call together committes with the most important specialists. They should then think of ways how people's attidudes about this topic can be changed. Many people are not aware of the dangers. And I would bring these issue to the schools. That certainly would be an effective way of spreading information.«

What does your life outside of the foundation look like?

»I am a theatre actress and an artist, I write poems and work on my own film projects. Furthermore, I'm interested in technology. I like new inventions and there is a fast development, especially in the digital area. Doing this, I'm not politically active all day long but I stand up against something when I am outraged. It's important to me that social grievances are uncovered and in this area organisations like the FoeBuD do a great job.«



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