»... because common commitment makes change possible«

You've become a founder of the Bewegungsstiftung in 2006. How did you come to the foundation?

»I know the Ecocentre in Verden since 1997, and Bewegungsstiftung from the beginning. I got to know some of the initiators during political actions. Apart from that, I have already supported two movement workers for a couple of years now. The reason to become a founder myself were the impressive three-year-review and my income through my permanent job.«

What motivated you to become a founder?

»Bewegungsstiftung wants to give impulses for social movements. I consider this to be very essential. Social problems exist in a variety of fields, but nearly always you need the joined commitment of several people to make change possible. To  stand up together for a good cause is something that I experienced as very enriching. And it is essential to me to contribute to a culture that supports, or even makes possible, something like this. At the same time, I have a critical view on a certain dependence on financial sponsors like Bewegungsstiftung and, associated to this, the tendency to professionalize voluntary commitment.«

Were you or are you still active in social movements?

»I was a involved a lot in eco-political youth organisations, in local and nation-wide initiatives. As an 'IT-service provider', as a member of the organisation teams, as initiator of local initiatives and also as a participant in prepared activities. Currently, other activites are more important to me so that all in all my political commitment has become less dominant. Additionally, nowadays I doubt the efficiency of some projects more than in the past.«

Some founder consider it to be also a burden to be relatively wealthy. Others mostly see the chances which result from it. What about you?

»Relatively wealthy is relative. I assume that some of the founders are considerably more wealthy than I am. Compared to the average of the world's population I am, of course, extremely wealthy. The question what to do with your own life is posed independently of one's assets. I have wondered for quite a long time now how to cope with the possibilities and political freedoms that I have in this society and also with the responsibility that results from it. In many parts of my life I have found inner tranquillity: I support renewable energy projects, and thanks to our housing project in Heckenbeck I am able to put an ecological way of living into practice more easily. Moreoever, I have found a job, that I find acceptably ethical and I donate every year about ten percent of my net income. Last year it was more, because of my funding contribution. On the other hand, I noticed within half a year in the ecological village Sieben Linden - a social, ecological model project in Saxony-Anhalt -, that this even more consequent attempt to for integrity is not fitting me. There are good solutions in some areas, but the basic ambivalence continues to exist.«


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