»Funding as an admission ticket for commitment«

You have already been a founder for some years now. In addition to that, at the last strategy workshop you were elected as representative of the founders to the Board of Trustees. What motivates you for this double commitment?

»When I got to know the foundation, I was impressed by how professional people work there. Especially the fact that social movements are considered both from the activist's and the scientific perspective has fascinated me. For me it was clear that it would not end by simply donating money. The funding was rather a kind of admission ticket, to be active myself. I appreciate the possibility to participate in the selection of funded projects within the advisory council. The advisory council puts the applications through their paces and analyzes them in a social frame of reference. It is always exciting to see how much competence is there, because so many founders contribute. Thanks to Bewegungsstiftung I was able to get a better idea of the individual projects. The funded projects show the plurality of possibilities for which people are committed. That encourages oneself to fight for one's own convictions. I use the events of the Bewegungsstiftung for conversations with other founders. In the community, while talking with others in personal chats about how to handle money, ethical investments and social responsibility, I feel comfortable.«

Were you or are you still active in social movements?

»I was socialised in the peace, the anti-nuclear- and the women's rights movement. Thanks to my family, I already got to know a variety of social movements when I was still very young. As a child, I braided primroses around the barbed wire in Mutlangen, as an adolescent I participated in actions against garbage incineration and painted pictures about Chernobyl. As a 'child of my time' I got involved in the Grüne Jugend (Green Youth). But I realized quite quickly that I wasn't supposed to become a professional politician. Currently I'm not involved in one special movement. But when there is one action that appeals to me, I'm participating. Recently I have demonstrated together with a group of founders against the policy of the G8-states in Rostock on June 2nd, 2007.«

What is your life outside the foundation like?

»Until 2004 I studied political sciences and sociology in Berlin. Due to my occupation with international politics, I became mediator. Today I work as a mediator and in the field of conflict management in organisations. As an impartial mediator I structure voluntary procedures in order to settle or even avoid disputes. Everywhere where people are working together, there also are contentious points - whether in social movements or in big companies. I especially like working with political associations, because I feel pretty close to their mentality and working culture.«


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