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The founders of Movement Foundation: diverse forms of commitment

Bewegungsstiftung has nine founding members. Their hope - not to remain the only ones - has come true: Bewegungsstiftung is now supported by more than 130 donors from all over Germany. There is no such thing as a typical Bewegungsstiftung donor: our donors are of all ages, from their early 20s to late 70s. Some of them also work as volunteers for the foundation while others prefer to make a financial commitment only. Many donors wish to remain anonymous, but others support the foundation in its public relations work, too.

Members of the initiative at an action in Berlin. Foto: Jakob Huber

The Bewegungsstiftung's founders do not only finance political protest movements - they are partly politically active themselves. Some of them kicked off the initiative »Wealthy people for a capital levy« which calls for politicians to introduce a capital levy for wealthy people. The money should be used to mitigate the costs of the financial crisis. In 2009 the initiative attracted public attention with a street protest action in Berlin. Read more about it here.


Portraits of founders

Jutta Meinerts

»It's great to support young and dedicated people directly« - Interview with Jutta Meinerts Read more ►

Jutta Meinerts

»It's great to support young and dedicated people directly« - Interview with Jutta Meinerts Read more ►

Jutta Meinerts

»It's great to support young and dedicated people directly« - Interview with Jutta Meinerts Read more ►

Jutta Meinerts

»It's great to support young and dedicated people directly« - Interview with Jutta Meinerts Read more ►

Interview with Hermann Daß

»What I generally like about Bewegungsstiftung is that you don't simply give away your money, but that it is much appreciated when you get actively involved. The people within the foundation treat each other in a very respectful and supportive way.« Read more ►

Joost Siedhoff

»During the next years, huge amounts of money will be inherited. Thereof, a lot can be brought together for a good thing by the Bewegungsstiftung. Although I didn't get a big heritage, I could nevertheless raise enough money to be a member of the Bewegungsstiftung.«  Read more ►

Stephanie Handtmann

»My secrect favourite topic is the scandalisation of lobbyism, which is in this country more powerful than the parliament. I find it amazing, what the Cologne-based association LobbyControl achieves in this field. It is quite a young organisation, that is supported with a basic funding by the fundation.«  Read more ►

Brigitte Knopf

»I got to know the foundation through a newspaper article and I found the idea very exciting. I myself had inherited and didn't know for a long time, how to deal with it, because I consider the principle of inheriting deeply injust.« Read more ►

Sinta Tamsjadi

»I had inherited and I wanted to give away something of my assets. I then asked friends, if they can recommend something, but their propositions didn't please me. When I afterwards read an article about the Stiftung bridge in the magazine ,brand eins', I was immediately interested in their activities.« Read more ►

Gisela Keck

»When people around the foundation come to talk about how to deal with their assets, I find it very good. Because in the circle of friends it often cannot be an issue.« Read more ►

Tobias Polzin

»Bewegungsstiftung wants to give impulses for social movements. I consider this to be very essential. Social problems exist in a variety of fields but nearly always you need the joined commitment of several people to make change possible.« Read more ►

Ute Gerber

»When I got to know the foundation I was impressed by how professional people work there. Especially the fact that social movements are considered both from the activist's and the scientific perspective fascinated me.« Read more ►

In the words of the donors

Andreas Berg

»In der Politik braucht man immer einen langen Atem. Diese Erfahrung habe ich in den letzten Jahren immer wieder gemacht. Was liegt da näher als eine Stiftung zu unterstützen, die auch in 20, 30 oder 50 Jahren noch ein Leuchtturm der Veränderung sein kann. Für mich ist das sinnvoller, als kurzfristig kleine Feuer der Verbesserung zu entzünden.«

Stephanie Handtmann

»Ich engagiere mich sowohl beruflich als auch ehrenamtlich stark in der sozialen Bewegung. Die Bewegungsstiftung bietet mir darüber hinaus die Möglichkeit, auf einer zusätzlichen Ebene die Bewegung als Motor für gesellschaftliche Veränderung zu unterstützen. Als ›ganz‹ normale Bürgerin, die in relativem Wohlstand lebt, ist mir auch das ein echtes Anliegen.«

Barbara Krebs

»As a child of '68, what impresses me about Bewegungsstiftung is how it carries on the tradition of protest movements, at the same time adapting it to the challenges of the modern age. It does not hand out funds indiscriminately, but seeks out the projects with the greatest potential.«

Rolf Millies (†)

»In our ever faster-changing world, we need progress in social thinking. Bewegungsstiftung helps protest movements make this happen!«

Frank Hansen

»Bewegungsstiftung initiates political change not only with its income, but also with its capital. Its ethical investment policy makes it an important model – for other foundations and for my own portfolio.«

Susann Haltermann

»I would like to channel part of my inheritance into social and ecological causes, and thereby support the shift towards a fairer society and the sustainable use of resources on a long-term basis.«

Gerald Neubauer

»Endowments are invested for eternity. It is fascinating to think that in 50, 100 or 200 years’ time my money will still be being used to help build a better world; in battles not even thought of today…«

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