How Bewegungsstiftung is structured: a well organized foundation

Bewegungsstiftung offers plenty of opportunities to get actively involved. The endowment donors meet several times a year for the »Endowment Donors’ Advisory Board«, while the representatives of the funded campaigns and movement workers come together for the »Funded Projects Meeting«. Here they elect representatives to the Board of Trustees and put their considerable creativity and experience to the cause of advancing the work of the foundation. Once a year, the endowment donors, activists and social movement workers meet for the Strategy Workshop. Many of the endowment donors have particular skills which they put to use for the foundation, either within one of the many committees, or in a separate capacity.

The five-member Board of Trustees is the foundation’s main decision-making body. It sets out the funding guidelines, chooses which campaigns and organizations to support and decides how to invest the foundation’s capital. The Board of Trustees convenes four times a year. Decisions are normally by consensus. If this is not possible, a decision can be reached by qualified majority (80% of the votes). The Board of Trustees consists of one representative of the endowment donors, one representative of the funded projects, and three people with special expertise or experience in social movements.

Bewegungsstiftung and Bridge foundation have received some EUR 3.9 million in endowments to date. This is a lot of money, which needs to be invested safely and to deliver a large enough return to fund projects while simultaneously providing the capital for political change. It therefore made sense to appoint an investment committee with five voting members: endowment donors with personal experience of ethical investing, experts from the ethical investment industry and Bewegungsstiftung’s executive director. In 2005, the Investment Committee drew up its »Guidelines for Ethical/Sustainable Investment«, which were agreed and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Bewegungsstiftung has its headquarters in Verden (Aller). The Ecological Centre also houses the offices of the team that supports and coordinates the work of the lay committees. Six professional staff take care of public relations, investment, bookkeeping, receipts for donations and much more.


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