Movement workers

They are turning protest into their occupation – we encourage them. Bewegungsstiftung supports full-time-activists through a sponsorship program.

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Voices of endowment donors

  • [Translate to English:] Barbara Krebs

    Jutta Meinerts

    »Because of Bewegungsstiftung I am again involved in current political discussions. This is incredibly important for me. For me, joining the foundation network was a very valuable investment.“
    (Jutta Meinerts is endowment donor from Magdeburg)

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  • [Translate to English:] Barbara Krebs

    Barbara Krebs

    »As a part of the '68 Generation I'm impressed with how the Bewegungs-stiftung links the traditions of protest movements with current challenges. The Bewegungsstiftung supports projects with a maximum of potential.«
    (Barbara Krebs ist

    endowment donor since 2004)

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  • Günther Bock

    »Bewegungsstiftung gives me the opportunity to provide money in places where I consider it meaningful, but also to advise and accompany projects. This gave me completely new insights into some political topics.“
    (Günther Bock is endowment donor from Hamburg)

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  • Hermann Daß

    »What I appreciate about the Bewegungsstiftung is that participation is welcomed. The interaction that takes place is very appreciative, a quality that I have not encountered in any other organisation.«
    (Hermann Daß is

    endowment donor since 2002)  

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  • [Translate to English:] Gerald Neubauer

    Gerald Neubauer

    »It's a fascinating thought that my money will still be used in 100 years to create a better world; in fights that we couldn't even foresee...« 
    (Gerald Neubauer is

    endowment donor since 2002)

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Voices of funded projects

  • Women in Exile

    „Being supported by Bewegungsstiftung made things a lot of easier for us. It helped us especially to create networks with women refugees and with other organizations in Germany who work with female refugees. Moreover it enables us to organize our own political activities.“ (Bethi Ngari)

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  • BI Wittstock Contra Industriehuhn

    „Bewegungsstiftung supported us in a crucial moment to achieve our goals and take our group to the next level. Exchanging views with other projects and personal encouragement by a lot of founders gives us inspiration, know-how and motivation.“  (Swantje Schäkel)

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  • LobbyControl

    »I appreciate from my own experience that the Bewegungsstiftung gives new ideas and projects a chance. With

    LobbyControl we started with nearly nothing. The support of Bewegungsstiftung was important for getting the project off the ground«
    (Ulrich Müller)

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  • Clean Clothes Campaign


    We appreciate especially the networking and the interaction with other activists. That helps us to learn from each other and to evaluate our own work in relation to the work of other activists.« 
    (Gisela Burckhardt)

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  • Robin Wood

    »The Bewegungsstiftung energises grasroots structures. That helps us at

    Robin Wood too. Extra plus: Foresightedness and perserverance in project-support.« (Ute Bertrand)

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