125,000 for protest

We have ten new funded projects.

We support ten new projects that work for human rights, freedom of movement, climate protection, a solidarity-based health system and the rights of textile workers.


Millionaires demand in a public appeal: Tax us! They are demanding higher taxes for the wealthy in order to provide more opportunities for all. The initiative was launched by donors from Bewegungsstiftung to put pressure for more redistribution. More information at: www.taxmenow.eu


Tax us!

Donors launch campaign

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20 years of foundation

Impressions of the celebration

We support protest movements with money and advice. And we have been doing so for 20 years! We celebrated this in June with a matinée in Berlin.  Here is a film, a report and many photos from the celebration.


New team member

Michaela Gajewski

Michaela Gajewski is Bewegungsstiftung's new asset manager since January 2023. She holds a degree in economics and worked for over 20 years as a financial portfolio manager for wealthy individuals, companies and foundations.  >>More info



Seminar for people of wealth

At our one-day seminar for wealthy people on 25 February 2023 in Berlin, we will talk about privilege, power and responsibility and how money can be used to initiate political change. Click here to register.
Photo: Ivan Radic CC BY 2.0

Movement work

A life for protest

They make political engagement their profession - we back them up. The Movement Foundation supports full-time activists with a donation programme. Here we introduce our movement workers.


New podcast episode

In our new podcast episode, Susanne Kühne from our funded project "Schule muss anders" talks about the struggles for equitable education in Berlin and why confidence is the basis for campaign work.



We have a new movement worker. Ibrahim Izzeldeen is committed to social justice and democracy, in Germany and in his country of origin Sudan. More info about his work.



Media reports

In search of justice: Deutschlandfunk radio visited initiatives and people in Hamburg who are committed to fighting social inequality. Our founder Ive Hauswald also has his say. More info



How we invest our money

Foundation assets as political leverage

Bewegungsstiftung supports social change not only with its funding, but also with its assets. To this end, it invests its foundation capital of around 8 million euros according to strict ethical-sustainable criteria - for example in housing projects, agricultural cooperatives and wind energy plants. More info


Our pool of advisors

Knowledge transfer in social movements

You are active in social movements and your group needs external advice or support, for example in facilitation, fundraising or public relations? You can use this database to find the right advisors for your topic. In addition, we fund consulting costs up to a maximum of 3,000 euros upon application.