Kick-off action on 11 May 2022 in front of the European Commission Representation. Activists hold up protest signs with the demand "Prevent chat control". Photo: Jakob Rieger.
Photo: Jakob Rieger

Funding decided!

We support five new campaigns that stand up for data protection, climate justice, affordable rents and against discrimination.

We are awarding a total of 63,000 euros to the following organisations:

  • The association "Digitale Gesellschaft", in alliance with others, wants to stop the chat control planned by the EU and individual states.
  • The alliance "Tschüss Erdgas" (Bye bye natural gas) wants to achieve with a citizens' petition that Potsdam stops burning natural gas by 2030 at the latest.
  • The initiative "Hamburg Enteignet" (Hamburg expropriated) wants a referendum to ensure that large housing corporations in Hamburg are socialised in order to stop the rent madness.
  • The Society against Weight Discrimination fights for legal protection against weight discrimination and draws attention to the problem with action art and events.
  • The group Bezgranica protests against the racist treatment of refugees at the Polish border. It wants to make illegal pushbacks by the Polish border police public and provide practical support to refugees.

More information about the projects (in german)