Our Investment Policy

We invest our capital in accordance with our ethical and sustainable investment policy. This criteria was developed by the Investment Committee, which also controls the compliance of the criteria. The Board of Trustees makes the decision on individual investments. We distinguish criteria of the funds using conventional investment criteria such as security, income and availability.
The most important criteria for the application of funds are divided into positive and negative criteria.
Products violating the negative criteria would be excluded from our investment. Our list of negative criteria corresponds with the negative criteria of the Critical Shareholders. It excludes, for example, investment in the arms industry, nuclear technology or products produced with child labor.  
The positive criteria helps choose the investment that the Bewegungsstiftung gives priority to. We mainly invest in companies and projects that explore social or technical innovation, establish an alternative structure or produce renewable energy.

No Money for Defense, Nuclear Power or Child Labor!

We do not invest in products that violate our negative criteria. This criteria corresponds essentially to the negative criteria of the Critical Shareholders. It means: from the assets of the Bewegungsstiftung, not a dime goes to arms, nuclear power or child labor.

More Money for Social Change!

We choose funds corresponding with our ethical standards by means of the positive criteria. This means: we invest in companies and products that explore social and technical innovation, are committed to solving social problems, or meet social and environmental standards.

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