Campaign Grants

Social and political change needs a lot of time, persistence and great commitment. That’s why Bewegungsstiftung supports campaigns with a clear strategy and a long-term effect rather than single actions such as demonstrations and press conferences.

These campaigns can be focused on regional, national or international issues. As a campaign we define a coherent series of activities that happen within a period of several weeks or even a few years. The menu item application provides access to more information about campaign funding. Please also read our guidelines for campaign grants.

At first, successful campaigns analyse the current political situation, and starting on this base-line, they attempt to effect political and social changes or work against a deterioration of the situation. We exclusively support campaigns that work towards a transformation of society, economy or politics on the way to more democracy, social justice, peace, emancipation, ecology and human rights.
Often the goals that social movements put forward are quite far-reaching, and it exceeds the capacities of a single campaign to put them into practice. ‘Phasing out nuclear energy’ or ‘the right to stay for all refugees’ are examples of goals that can only be realized by long term endeavours of social movements – if they can be realized at all. Apart from these visionary goals the proposed campaign should name achievable short-term goals, such as ‘preventing nuclear power plant Belene’ or ‘abolishing residential obligation’.

Public actions and protests are crucial parts of grassroots campaigns. They can stand for or against something, and make themselves heard by means of demonstrations, online campaigns, collecting signatures, letter actions or non-violent direct actions. Bewegungsstiftung gives priority to campaigns which use these methods because protests and public actions are necessary to create attention for movements, and only few other foundations support these forms of actions.

Campaigns are funded with amounts between 3 000 and 15 000 Euros, in some well-founded exceptions they might receive more.

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