Consulting and partnership – not just financial support

Having the necessary finance in place is of course only one factor, albeit an important one, in boosting the chances of political success of a project. After all, even the most generous financial grant from the foundation is of no use if the expertise to develop and implement political strategies is lacking.

Of course, when deciding which projects to support, the Board of Trustees looks for those where the money will be in good hands. All the same, there is not a single project, not a single campaign that couldn’t benefit from good advice. The strengths and weaknesses of the individual projects are very different. The problems faced by organizations that have some full-time workers, like urgewald and Robin Wood, are very different from those faced by purely voluntary initiatives like the NoLager network and the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants.

Bewegungsstiftung addresses the need for consulting and assistance. Firstly, Jens Meier and Annett Gnass, based at the foundation’s Verden office, provide advice and assistance to the projects. Secondly, Bewegungsstiftung provides specific opportunities for the projects such as special seminars on topics like fundraising, press work or conflict management. These seminars are not only a valuable source of expertise, they also facilitate an intensive exchange between the projects, enabling them to learn from each other and also to provide better mutual support.

In some cases, the Board of Trustees awards education vouchers for individual projects. This enables the projects, within certain financial limits, to bring in experts who are able to give advice that is specifically tailored to the project in question – whether it’s strategy development, public relations or fundraising.

In manchen Fällen bewilligt der Stiftungsrat für einzelne Projekte Beratungszuschüsse. Die Projekte können sich damit in einem gewissen finanziellen Rahmen um Expert*innen kümmern, die eine konkret auf das jeweilige Projekt zugeschnittene Beratung leisten - ob im Bereich Strategieentwicklung, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit oder Fundraising.

Above all, more intensive consulting is provided by the foundation as part of the basic funding process. Longer-term financial support for organizations is accompanied by a consulting process designed to ensure that the jointly agreed funding objectives are met. Over time, this is meant to lead to an equal partnership between the projects and the foundation, a process of mutual give and take, which is ultimately beneficial to both parties. The project gets tailored support, while the foundation gains valuable experience of how financial funding and consulting can most effectively be combined.



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