Hagen Kopp

Hagen Kopp (born in 1960) has got involved with social movements since the end of the 70s. Initially he was especially interested in antimilitarism and ecology. It was not until the end of the 80s that Hagen focused on anti-racism and migration. Since 1992 he has supported the daily struggle of migrants and refugees for theirs residence permits and social rights: He offers juristic help and attendance in a consultation café in Hanau and is engaged in collective initiatives for the rights of residence of the people affected. Furthermore he organizes campaigns against deportations at the airport of Frankfurt.

Hagen Kopp co-founded the nationwide network »kein mensch ist illegal« in 1997 which counteracts the criminalization of »Sans papier« (people without identity cards). »kein mensch ist illegal« was developing the effective and creative campaign »Stop Deportation Class« from 1998 to 2001. It agitated against airlines which had been involved in deportations. The campaign which defiled the image of the airlines was so successful that »Lufthansa« announced that it would not anymore transport human beings against their wishes. Since that day this partial success spared many refusing refugees deportation.

Furthermore Hagen Kopp helped organizing numerous »Nobordercamps« during the last ten years: non-racist awareness weeks which continued along the hot spots of the European border regime. Whereas the tents were initially built up next to the Oder and Neiße at the end of the 90s, in 2007 one of the »Nobordercamps« took place in the West of the Ukraine.

In summer 2009 a protest week took place on Lesbos, a Greek island, on which the European Union's external borders agency Frontex operates - a symbol for the militarized and often deadly forward displacement of the migration controls. The campaigners and the affected refugees protested against the detention camp Pagani. The refugees also continued their resistance after the ending of the »Nobordercamps« - successfully, and in October 2009 the Greek government declared the temporary closing of Pagani. Our movement worker Hagen Kopp intensively witnessed this important success for the non-racist movement on site. You can find an article about Pagani and its consequences written by Hagen Kopp if you follow the link.

The central demand of refugees and migrants of the global south is „Freedom of Movement“. For Hagen Kopp, global freedom of movement is a legitimate right which should be defended. It is directed at the worldwide gap between the rich and the poor which results from the exploitation of the southern countries through the Western civilization. Accordingly, he advocates for this central claim in collaboration with the »Initiative für soziale Rechte« which is an association of campaigners of labor unions, Medico International, Attac, Greenpeace and »kein mensch ist illegal« in workshops, conferences, on the streets, at airports and in front of deportation jail houses.

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 „Freedom of Movement“ lautet die zentrale Forderung von Flüchtlingen und MigrantInnen aus dem globalen Süden. Globale Bewegungsfreiheit ist für Hagen Kopp ein legitimes Recht, das gegen das weltweite Ausbeutungsgefälle gerichtet und zu verteidigen ist. Für ihn steht diese Forderung im Kontext eines umfassenden Kampfes um globale soziale Rechte. Dementsprechend engagiert er sich auch immer wieder in themen- und spektrenübergreifenden Projekten, wie im Netzwerk der Solidarity Cities und aktuell insbesondere in der Initiative „In welcher Gesellschaft wollen wir leben?!“

2016 hat sich Hagen Kopp mit seiner lokalen Gruppe „Lampedusa in Hanau“ am Aufbau von „We`ll Come United“ beteiligt. Dieses bundesweite Netzwerk der antirassistischen Bewegung hat 2017 erstmals eine große Parade mit ca. 10.000 TeilnehmerInnen in Berlin organisiert, 2018 kamen zur zweiten Parade in Hamburg sogar 30.000 Menschen zusammen. Nie zuvor war es in Deutschland gelungen, solch große Manifestationen für den Kampf um Bewegungsfreiheit zusammen auf die Strasse zu bringen.

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