Holger Isabelle Jänicke

Photo of Holger Isabelle Jänicke

Holger Isabelle Jänicke was born in 1962 in Lübeck. Towards the end of his school years, which he spent in the Swabia, he became active in the peace movement. In the 1980s he took part particularly in the campaign of civil disobedience until the removal of the missiles from Mutlangen. Convicted several times of coercion (for participating in non-violent sit-down blockades of the Pershing II missiles), he spent enough time in prison to study law for two terms as an observer.

Today his main areas of interest are castor transportation and genetically modified plants, and he works for a legal self-help organization preparing, mounting and following up protest actions. The preparation side includes publicizing gatherings, holding cooperation discussions with the police and informing activists of the legal particularities of the protest action. During the event, his role is usually as leader of the rally, maintaining contact with the police in order to be able to defuse any crisis situations that may arise, and of course he also provides advice on legal issues for the active campaigners.

The follow-up consists mostly of training protesters for trial, supporting them during legal proceedings and, in event of doubt, preparing them for prison sentences through »clink training« sessions.

The long-term aim of all these activities is to make sure that during civil disobedience campaigns, people’s basic rights are not undermined either by the police or by the legal system. That may sound idealistic, but small and larger victories in court and in politics prove that this is an important element of non-violent resistance.

His greatest success as rally leader, he says, was the demonstration which he announced at the G8 protests for »Sichelschmiede«, a campaign against the use of the Kyritzer Heide heathland as a bombing range. In the past, groups have repeatedly protested against commissioning of the bombing range by means of go-ins.

»It was an unbelievable success for me too. Never before have I lost so many protesters. Only 20 out of around 600 arrived at the Pink Point; meanwhile the others had together ›accidentally wandered onto the site‹. It was a magnificent scene and a prime example of the creative, strategic use of the right of assembly.«

Holger Isabelle talks to a policeman during an action against GMO.

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