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Bewegungsstiftung supports protest campaigns that stand up for ecology, peace and human rights. You want to tackle political injustice and organize a campaign? Here you find everything you need to know about making an application.

The deadline for applications to Bewegungsstiftung is always the first Tuesday in April and September. Thus, the final date for applications in the next period of support is 2nd April 2019. The next deadline for our trust fundation Stiftung bridge is 2nd April 2019.

You can find more information and our guidelines for campaign funding here. You should read those carefully before you apply. 

Important information about the application process

Bewegungsstiftung and Stiftung bridge offer two forms of support: campaign funding and organizational funding. You find more information about that in the menu item "funding strategy". Only organisations that have cooperated with us before can apply for organizational funding. The application for campaign funding is possible for every interested organisation. Please notice that we only support projects that correspond to our guidelines for campaign funding (PDF, 890,4 kB). Please read them carefully. Below, you find a summary of the most important points:

What is funded?

The foundation puts an emphasis on supporting medium- and long-term campaigns, that is to say activities that happen over a longer period of time and that make their call for social change heard in public. For this purpose, the campaign should - but does not have to - use forms of public protests, ranging from online-petitions via websites, to small visible actions to mass demonstrations.

The grant is given for campaigns in general. The foundation does not check single activities on the money is spent, but monitors to which extent the campaign's political aim has been reached.

The foundation wants to make a difference with its funding. Therefore, the sum applied for should be at least 10-15 % of the campaign's overall budget. Only non-profit associations can be funded. Behind every submitted campaign, there has to be such an association.

What is not funded?

Conferences, seminars and paedagogical work, intercultural travels, books, brochures and documentary films are important elements of social movements. Nevertheless, they alone do not fulfill the funding criteria of the foundation. Neither do we support social services, such as helpdesks, schools, kindergartens, midwives practices, unless their members stand up in public and fight, e.g., for public financing for such social services.

Application from abroad

Bewegungsstiftung does not have the capacities to deal with applications from abroad directly. Applications for activities abroad, or applications that cooperate with foreign partners, can only be made by organisations within Germany.


An application should not exceed four pages and must be sent together with an expenditure and financing plan as a PDF-document via e-mail to the following address: The application should not be sent by post! As for the expenditure and financing plan, here's a sample of such a plan (83 KB, PDF).

Please note: In exceptional cases where applicants are unable to provide a German translation we do accept applications in English. However, as English applications must be translated by us in order to feed them into the application process (not everybody involved can read English) we kindly ask applicants to only submit application in English in exceptional cases as this involves costs and resources for the
foundation. Applications in English must also adhere to the guidelines for campaigns.

Dates for application

Bewegungsstiftung's deadline for the applications is always the first Tuesday in April and September. The next closing date is 2nd April 2019.

Stiftung bridge gives out funding usually once a year, in spring. Therefore the next deadline für Stiftung bridge is 2nd April 2019. After this date, it usually takes eight weeks until the boards of the foundation have made a decision. Afterwards, we inform the applicants about the results of the consultations.

Expedited proceedings

In some exceptions, it's possible to apply for campaign fundings in an expedited proceeding. The conditions for such an expedited proceeding are major and unforeseeable changes in the current political situation since the last regular deadline. These changes can be urgent threats, e.g. an upcoming war that violates international law, or a nuclear catastrophe like Fukushima. Those situations can demand fast and resolute actions.

Applications in expedited proceedings can be sent in at any time by mail to Usually, not more than 14 days should pass between the application and the decision.

Chance of support

Unfortunately, Bewegungsstiftung has not enough money to support every campaign that complys to our criteria. In each funding period we receive 15-20 adequate applications of which normally only three can be funded.

Use the possibility to make an enquiry!

If you have read our terms of reference and you are still not sure if your project complies to our criteria for a campaign, write an exploratory enquiry before the deadline (a short abstract of your project, of about half a page) send it to us via e-mail. We will answer you within six weeks with a first assessment if it is worth making an application. Please understand that we cannot give such an assessment via telephone. In order to receive a response in good time before the closing date, the exploratory enquiry for the application period in April 2019 has to reach us until 19th February 2019 at the latest. Enquiries that come in later might be answered only after the consultations of the current funding period.

Advance requests to the Stiftung bridge must be received by 19th February 2019 in order to be processed before the next application deadline.

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