Process of application

You are politically active (or want to be) and you want to share your energy with others for a better world. That this is not possible without resources and networking is clear to you. That's why you want to find out from Bewegungsstiftung what we support and which is the right programme for you.

Check whether you are on the right track as far as Bewegungsstiftung’s goals and values are concerned. To do so, please read our Funding Principles.

Step 2

Make sure we have a programme that’s right for you. The overview below can give a first orientation. You will find a more detailed description of the programmes (with their goals, requirements and details for application) in the respective funding guidelines at the end of the chart.

Questions left?

If steps 1 and 2 fit and you have read the guidelines carefully, you can send an application to Bewegungsstiftung. How this is possible can be found in the respective funding guidelines for the individual programmes. Bewegungsstiftung is currently offering five different support programmes and two consulting services. The following overview gives you a short orientation. You will find a link to the rules of each programme in the last line. Here you can find the PGP keys of all application mail adresses, if you want to send your application encrypted.

Questions left?
If there are still concrete questions after reading the programme guidelines (e.g. uncertainty as to which programme fits the project), we offer a short  consultation. Send us your questions in a short and concrete form to and we will contact you to arrange an appointment. Here the PGP key, if you want to send your application encrypted. Please be economical with our resources and read the funding guidelines carefully before using this service.

Reference to non-profit status (Gemeinnützigkeit) 
Non-profit status (Gemeinnützigkeit) must be recognised under tax law. Associations with no legal status (initiative groups and others) can apply for grants together with a registered organisation that has a charitable status. In this case, the registered organisation is the beneficiary of the grant vis-à-vis the foundation

Information for applicants from outside Germany

Bewegungsstiftung lacks the capacity to process applications directly from abroad. Applications in connection with foreign partners or activities abroad can only be processed by organisations based in Germany.The only programmes accessible for activities abroad are the campaigns grant programme and the start-up programme. For further information and the specific requirements see the respective funding guidelines.  


Bewegungsstiftung is currently offering five different grants programmes and two consultancy services. The following overview gives you a short orientation. You will find a link to the rules of each programme in the last line.  Overview, PDF (419 KB)

Rapid Action
Short description

Making new projects possible, especially where there are no structures and/or experiences yet.Quick and easy provisions of small sums to groups for spontaneous actions.To support strategic campaigns in the long or medium term that focus on public action and protest. To provide organisations with solid and long-term support.To support individuals in their independent work for social movements. Support is provided through a sponsorship model.
Who is it for?

For initiatives and organisations aiming at building new structures or tackling new topics or approachesFor initiatives and organisations taking short-term actions. Those actions may also experiment with innovative forms of actions.For initiatives and organisations that drive social, political or economic change through campaigns. For organisations we already worked with, usually within the framework of a campaign or start-up support. For full-time activists who form the backbone of protest movements due to their long-standing commitment, their experiences and their skills. .
Our Service

Project support and grants between 3,000–10,000 €Telephone advice through project support and grants for up to 1000 € Project support and grants between 3,000–15,000 EuroProject and financial support usually up to 3 years (variable amount of support), between 30,000 and 100,000 Euros so far, for a period of 2 – 3 years. Project support and forwarding of donations raised by the sponsors themselves
Foundation network*Access to foundation network No access to foundation networkAccess to foundation networkAccess to foundation networkAccess to foundation network
Requirements (Application)Maximum 4 pages plus budgetMaximum 1 pageMaximum 4 pages plus budgetApplication 1st stage: maximum 4 pages plus budget. If successful: further application processMaximu 2 pages.

Once per year (1st Tuesday in September), decision maximum 8 weeks after application deadlineAny time. Application deadline 1st Tuesday of each month (no funding round in July!), decision maximum 2 weeks after deadlineTwice a year (1st Tuesday of April and September), urgent support is possible, decision maximum 8 weeks after application deadline Usually once per year (1st Tuesday in April), maximum 8 weeks after application deadline Twice a year (1st Tuesday of April and September), decision maximum 8 weeks after application deadline
Combinable with other programmes?No application for campaign grants or institutional funding possible in the same funding roundCan be combined with all other programmes, please follow advice in the guidelinesNo application for institutional funding or start-up grants possible in the same application roundNo application for campaign or start-up grants possible in the same roundIndividuals have no access to the other funding programmes
Funding GuidelineMore information (PDF)More information (PDF)More information (PDF)More information (PDF)More information (PDF)
Strategic Consulting*Consulting Service for Grantees
Short description

With this offer we want to support groups and committed helping individuals to become strategically capable.Grantees that require special advice may submit an application for funding.
Who is it for?

Groups or individuals who strategically target their engagement and/or make it more effective and are still at the beginning.Applications are open to all projects as well as to movement workers who have current access to the Bewegungsstiftung network (i.e. all, except for those with rapid action grants).
Our Service

Successful applicants gain access to the advisory pool coordinated by the Foundation, which includes experts in strategy consulting. The placement of the consultants is accompanied by the Foundation and the advisory services (up to 3,000 Euros) are provided by the Foundation.The sponsored groups receive a subsidy of up to 50% of the costs of the chosen measures up to a maximum of 1,500 Euros
Requirements (Application)Maximum one page with presentation of the consulting needsAn informal request to the responsible project support officer, stating the consulting requirements and the total costs for the desired consulting.

Four times a year, 1st Tuesday of February, May, August and November. Decision max. 2 weeks after deadlineApplication is possible at any time. All applications received by 1 Tuesday of the current month (except July) will be considered. Decision max. 2 weeks after deadline
GuidelinesMore information (PDF)More information (PDF)

Further advisory and networking services are also available for Bewegungsstiftung grantees. We organise specialist days, online seminars and movement conferences and set up a pool of consultants who provide activists with a well-organised and high-quality selection of consultancy and facilitate access to them.


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